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Welcome to ATRG Trading!

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years. Within the last 6 years of travelling from country to country for our seminars, we taught so many different kind of traders the truth about each financial market and how to seriously make money consistently. We grew so much our team since then and we will always make the difference for each one of our new members. We decided that we would have helped more and more people sharing our courses online directly. Thanks to our mentor, a special and unique top bank and hedge fund manager, we created something legendary that changes in so short time each and everyones’ trading experience into a totally new level. The kind of level where banks and big institutions master every day. We packed everything into the courses and tutoring areas you may find on ATRG Trading website. Change once and for all your trading life!!

Unorthodox and revolutionary method

Forget what you know now.

Forget what you think you know.

You are obviously not getting the results you want or at a moment in your life you are happy with. Deep down you know there is something still you are missing.


Nothing like this on today’s education market

  • Full disclosure and transparency on markets deep secrets.
  • Institutions whistleblowers knowledge and real agendas
  • Fresh approach to overcome your fears and change your life.
  • Tailor made tutoring method.
  • Confidentiality and no exposure.


Entrepreneur, ATRG mastermind, Trading Analyst, Life coach

Entrepreneur, Life Coach, owner of Go’Shay Trading, creator of Ask-The-Right-Guy, Trading Analyst


  • Rapid growth account generator and sales trader
  • Personal coaching advance techniques
  • Social influencer
  • Alertness and decisiveness under pressure

Personal Bias

Give everyone a chance to truly understand the financial market and give them a winning chance at making money from it, rather than losing as so many do.

Entrepreneur, Trading Analyst, Software Engineer

Entrepreneur, Trading Analyst, Software Engineer


  • Stats & Arb trader
  • Strong numeracy skills
  • Strategy maker
  • Alertness and decisiveness under pressure

Personal Bias

Things happen for a specific reason. You can always overcome every bad experience in your trading life and reverse it to greatness. Our goal is to provide you with the TRUE delta in trading. Gratitude reciprocates.

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