About Alex

Alexander started his financial trading steps back more than 21 years ago, while in High School he started building his first AI algo robot to produce statistical arb results in stock markets. Sooner than he thought during his College years investment companies and hedge fund managers began requesting him to consult. Doors started opening into the financial world, connections became stronger and true knowledge disclosed all together. Taking on different tasks for companies, he faced deeper and deeper encryption paradigms levels which pushed him towards nowadays new bursting bubble: cryptocurrencies. Dedication and persistency towards this new industry is becoming more than just a common way to increase its own wealth: ground base of a radical new business philosophy that will change life as we know it.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you will have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. If you lose you are not necessarily a loser, if you call yourself a loser no one will be able to change your mind.
I always try to remember why I started. Most of you might say money. Not just that, I was attracted by the inevitable.”

Personal Skills

  • Helpful with others
  • Mental coaching advance techniques
  • Alertness and decisiveness under pressure

Trader Skills

  • Stats & Arb strategist
  • AI & software developer
  • Strong numeracy value
  • Adaptiveness to markets evolving conditions

Shortly after his first year at University, deep interest and knowledge towards AI and neural network systems building made him appreciate even more all the financial market system and industry. Several bankers and fund managers began interacting on different levels. Here is where he met Mr.A, who opened Alex’s eyes to the real market behind retail industry’s curtains and BS. Since then nothing has been the same. Kept his profile under the radar, away from the spotlight. He followed other tasks for couple of international companies, while travelling the world and training through seminars and workshops common people to the real art of trading. Balance has always been a key note: inside a neural system, a pattern, or in a crucial experience, as well in life. One day, 4 years ago, in Dubai Mr.A introduced him to David (Go’Shay Trading). ATRG Trading was born that same day. From there on it’s current history.

“ATRG Trading is, for us, a first step towards our mutual vision as a team. We travelled together in so many countries, met so many different kind of traders. I honestly believe David and I carry inside each one of us a small piece of each other traders’ experiences we’ve collected during this journey. Brings you towards that feeling of Perfection, eventhough there is no such thing. We are far away from perfection. If a system is perfect it would never improve. It would just spin forever into the same direction, while everything else would evolve into something greater. We always want to improve, become a better version of our yesterday. This is what ATRG Trading is all about. Being able to adapt and act quickly way before everyone else to always have an advantage compared to our opponent.”

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